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Holographic Healthcare Encounters

The Patient Provider Experience.

Augmented reality provides a fully immersive, real-time 3D interaction between the patient and provider. This enhances the patient provider experience by providing a natural, organic, 360-degree medium for remote encounters.
Biovirtua’s patent pending augmented-reality platform deploys 3D volumetric patient modeling and streaming healthcare analytics for a truly connected telemedicine experience.

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Financial Alignment

Significant reduction of hospital operating costs and total cost of care for neurological and movement-related disorder treatment and rehabilitation.

Clinical Outcomes

BioVirtua collects patient movement and gait data to predict diseases, improve treatment protocols, and catalyze clinical research trials.

More Visits

BioVirtua allows for shorter, more precise synchronous and asynchronous visits, allowing healthcare providers more time in their day to interact with additional patients and onboard new potential patients.

The next generation of healthcare will be decentralized, mobilized, and personalized. Instead of the blunt instruments of the past, we will be giving patients more precise medications and therapies.

Anita Goel

MD, PhD - Harvard University


BioVirtua was founded in 2016 within the Silicon Valley. We are composed of medical professionals from Stanford, Duke, and leading healthcare analytics companies. Our advisory board includes practicing physicians, leaders in the public sector, and technology executives from the virtual-reality landscape.

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